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Three Plants, 51,000 sqft of offices and Manufacturing facilities
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We are one of the most comprehensive mechanical engineering, manufacturing and construction companies in the United States. We provide EPC and EMC services for equipment in the Paper, Plastics, Petro-Chemical, Power, Phamacentieal and Engineering firms in the US and Canada.

We provide

Expert solutions to our many customers and individuals. We also offer a host of specialty products and unique services.

A Brief list of our Systems and Services

Process Systems Equipment Pressure Vessels ASME Code Stamped Tank Processing Systems Evaporators Alloy Pipe Fabrication Titanium Pipe systems Skid systems ASME Code Installations Pressure Vessels Digesters Columns Boilers Flash Tanks Heat Exchangers Material Handling Pneumatic Conveying Mechanical Conveying Weighing & Feeding Transportable Skids Heavy Lift Systems

Our Goal

We provide our customers with a safe, cost saving, quality product, with an on time delivery. In addition, we seek to provide our EMC services for systems that are challenging in Design, Scheduling, and Craftsmanship, and unique projects in size and difficulty


Our safety program is directed by a Certified Safety Person who provides the proper training and documentation for our employees to assure our customers that we work safe at all times. Our employees are our most valuable resource and asset and for this reason Safety is the most important program we have.

Construction Services

Mechanical Machinery Structural Repairs & Alterations Skid Systems
Our hardware supply includes Process Systems and Mechanical Conveying equipment, we also offer our services for Engineering, Repair, Replacement and Repurpose for these plants’ systems. We provide direct on-site service using skilled welders, fitters and mechanics trained in safety and certified to critical ASME, NBIC, TEMA, ASHRAE, CEMA and AWS standards and specifications.

About SERF

Challenge Us

SERF, Inc. - Partial list of Mills, Plants and Government offices served
Expert Engineering Equipment Design Accident Prevention
Engineering Analytical and Technical Service
SERF applications used for our Technical projects include
ASME Compress Pressure Vessels, Reactors and Heat exchangers Designs for Reactors, Process Tanks, Heat Exchanger envelopes and Boiler designs FEA Finite Element Analysis for all types of machinery and equipment, for Loadings of Structures, Pressure and Temperature designs of equipment EngTools for all types of engineering calculations for design and analysis for pressure applications, force loadings, fluid flow and thermal heat transfer.
Standards Software ASME, TEMA, AWS, API Compress, SolidWorks FEA, ASTM, SAE & CEMA MS Projects & Eng Tools
Equipment Design & Manufacture AutoCad Design Compress Design SolidWorks Design SolidWorks FEA ASME Code PV Design Manufacturing & QC Heat Exchangers Thermal & Fluids Stress Analysis Wind and Dynamics Loads Technical Construction Construction Procedures Construction Practices Plant Process Equipment Scheduling & Planning Automobile Assembly Lines Prime Equipment installs Complex Structures Foundations Repair Services Mechanical Equipment Alterations and Ratings Fracture & Fatigue Analysis Fit for Service Safety Systems Barriers and Guarding Safety Lines and Supports Safety Equipment Accident Investigation Safety Engineering & OSHA Biomechanics of injury
Applications Where We Serve our Customers
Process Equipment Design and Analysis Pressure Vessels, Alloy Piping, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Tank Reactors, Jacketed Piping, Evaporators, Rotating Machinery, Stacks, Testing Fixtures & Completed Skids Engineering Material Handling Systems Mechanical Conveyors, Pneumatic Convey Systems, Chutes, Hoppers, Feeders, Heavy Lift & Handling Systems, Cranes, Production Fixtures, and Structural Platforms Rotating Machinery for Special Applications Gas Compression and Expansion FEA Analysis and Repair of 5 ft diameter compressor Housing For High Temperature and Pressure Application Thermal Cooling Screw Conveyor for Plastic Pellet Processing Dual Units with 30 inch Diameter and 30 ft long Mixing of High Viscous Product in Jacketed Reactors Manufacture of Steam Heated and Water-Cooled Jacketed Reactor.
Expert Engineers
SERF was founded in 1972 by Dr. Jack W. Sparks PhD., Bill Williamson and Sparks Specialty Company as partners in an R & D company to provide systems for the military’s need for fresh water, water recovery in plant processes and mechanical equipment for industries. In 1975 the company was acquired by Jack and Cheri Sparks and Sparks Specialty and later fully owned by Jack and Cheri Sparks. Over the following years Dr. Sparks developed the SERF company into four services. Engineering for mechanical and structural systems design Manufacturing of ASME, TEMA, CEMA, API and AWS equipment Construction of Mechanical and Structural plant site installations Technical and Forensics Engineering for mechanical and structural designs. Dr. Sparks applies his years of experience managing the Technical and Forensic Engineering design and failure analysis for mechanical, structural, heat transfer, fluid flow, components and equipment with this group of engineers. This group supports our customers’ technical designs and manufacturing requirements for the performance and reliability for their machinery, structures, equipment, and construction standards Dr. Jack Sparks PhD, PE, RG, RM See Resume
Products Designs Fitness for Service Failure Analysis
FEA Stress Analysis SolidWorks Models Thermal & Fluid Flows
Guards, Safety Barriers Stairs, Safety Lines OSHA, ANSI Standards